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Assessments for Personality, Career and Conflict


How the MBTI® Assessment works

Through a series of questions, the MBTI® assessment helps you identify your natural preferences in four areas of personality:

  • How do you direct and receive energy—by focusing on the outside world, interacting with people and taking action, or by focusing on your inner world and reflecting on ideas, memories, and experiences?
  • How do you take in information—by focusing on what you perceive using your five senses or by seeing the big picture and looking for relationships and patterns?
  • How do you decide and come to conclusions—by logically analyzing the situation or by considering what’s important to the people involved?
  • How do you approach the outside world—in a planned, orderly way or a more flexible, spontaneous way?

Your natural preferences in these four areas sort you into one of 16 distinct MBTI® personality types. Understanding these types gives you objective insight that you can use to enhance your professional and personal relationships, as well as your direction, focus, and choices.


Uncover your potential by understanding yourself and those around you

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®assessment delivers enduring and invaluable insight into your personality preferences. Based on sound psychological theory and backed by more than 70 years of research, it’s the world’s best-known and most widely used personality assessment.

The MBTI® assessment is used by millions of people worldwide every year because it provides a simple, positive foundation for personal development and self-awareness. It also provides a common language for appreciating differences.

Taking the MBTI® inventory and receiving feedback will help you identify your unique gifts. The information enhances understanding of yourself, your motivations, your natural strengths and your potential areas for growth.

It will also help you appreciate people who differ from you understanding your MBTI® type is self-affirming and encourages cooperation with others.

MBTI® Profile

Form M

Time: 15-25 minutes

Items: 93 questions to answer

Report Length: 3 pages


Provides a basic profile of your MBTI® type at an economical price
The MBTI® Profile provides a succinct summary of your MBTI® results. It provides an individual’s reported type, brief descriptions of the preferences, characteristics frequently associated with the type, and an easy-to-read graph displaying your preference clarity indexes.

Sample Basic Report
$39.99 to take the MBTI® Basic

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MBTI® Interpretive Report

Form M

Time: 15-25 min

Items: 93 questions to answer

Report Length: 6 pages


Delivers a concise yet thorough interpretation of your MBTI® results
This 6-page report includes all the data from the MBTI® Profile (including preference clarity index information), plus:

  • An easy-to-use overview of type preferences
  • A brief discussion of personality type and type development
  • An extensive description of the client’s four-letter type

The report delves into the pattern of preferences unique to your type, explains clarity of preference and what it means, and offers tips for verifying type.

Presents a detailed description of the client’s reported or verified MBTI type, including characteristics commonly associated with it, typical strengths, and potential areas for development.

Sample Interpretive Report

$49.99 to take MBTI® Interpretive

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MBTI® Personal Impact Report

Form M

Time: 20 minutes

Items: 93 questions to answer

Report Length: 26 pages

The comprehensive, all-in-one report to meet a wide range of client needs
This all-in-one report offers comprehensive interpretation guidance covering a wide range of applications, as well as descriptions of personal style, specific development action items, and optional exercises for verifying type.

The 26-page report can be used to increase your understanding of how your personality preferences affect your life and have an impact on the world around you. The report covers the following eight applications:


  • Work Style
  • Communication Style
  • Team Style
  • Decision-Making Style
  • Leadership Style
  • Conflict Style
  • Reaction to Stress
  • Approach to Change

Sample Personal Impact Report


$129.99 To take MBTI® Personal Impact

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MBTI® Career Report

Form M

Time: 15-25 minutes

Items: 93 questions to answer

Report Length: 9 pages


Find the best occupational match for you with this easy-to-read graphic report
The revised MBTI® Career Report shows you how your type affects their career exploration and discusses the benefits of choosing a job that is a good fit for your type. It also explores preferred work tasks and work environments—as well as most popular and least popular occupations—for any type, and offers strategies for improving job satisfaction.

This completely updated report includes expanded coverage of popular fields, such as business, health care, computer technology, and high-level executive and management occupations.


  • Helps you find promising occupations to explore
  • Explains how an individual’s MBTI® preferences affect what you like in a career
  • Lists the most and least popular occupations for your

Sample Career Report

$39.99 To take MBTI® Career

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Strong® and MBTI® Career Report

Judith Grutter and Allen L. Hammer

Time: 50-60 min

Items: 291 questions to answer

Report Length: 12-13 pages

The Strong and MBTI® Career Report empowers you to provide you with a complete career development picture based on a combined interpretation of your interests and personality. It integrates your General Occupational Themes, Basic Interest Scales, Occupational Scales, and Personal Style Scales from the Strong with your MBTI® results to offer career direction and identify relevant occupations, with emphasis on those suggested by both instruments.


The Strong and MBTI® Career Report leverages the latest research on both instruments and combines the results of more than 68,000 individuals who have taken the Strong with the results for more than 92,000 individuals who have completed the MBTI assessment. The highly intuitive report includes 4 pages of individualized, interactive content for starting a career, considering a career change, looking for career enrichment, or seeking work-life balance.


Note: To generate this combined report, you must have purchased an MBTI Basic (if your four-letter type is not known


39.99 To Take the Strong and MBTI

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Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument® Profile and Interpretive Report

Kenneth W. Thomas and Ralph H. Kilmann

Time: 10 minutes

Items: 30 questions to answer

Report Length: 10 pages


The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument® (TKI) helps individuals understand how five conflict-handling modes, or styles—competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, and accommodating—affect interpersonal and group dynamics and learn how to select the most appropriate style for a given situation.


By selecting responses from 30 statement pairs, you will discover your preferred style. Each personalized analysis report graphically shows how you use the five conflict-handling modes. You will find taking the TKI assessment online to be a fast and engaging activity. The TKI assessment is psychometrically sound and thoroughly researched, so you can trust the results you will receive. Based on your particular use of each mode, the report offers specific suggestions to help you understand the pluses and minuses of a particular conflict-handling style, guidance on the appropriate use of each mode, and tips for learning to work with less preferred modes.

Sample TKI Report

$39.99 To take the TKI®

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