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Dolak Dispute Resolution

Dolak Dispute Resolution is for families in conflict who want to reconcile their differences and be a family again. Couples who want to stay married but are arguing and do not see any relief. Couples who can’t decide what to do on an issue. Parent and Teen conflict. Eldercare issues between adult children and aging parent decisions. These are just a few areas in which I can help families resolve chronic arguing and conflict. Please follow the link for more information


Leading the Leader: How to Influence the Boss

It’s a common belief that leadership is from the top down, right? The boss gives the orders and the employees carry them out. But what the employees are leading the practice? Doesn’t seem possible, but there are ways employees can heavily influence decisions while letting the boss be the boss.

Actually, it’s quite problematic when a boss is the only one making decisions because it assumes they are always right.  But are…

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“In appreciation of your dedication to our practice, to your career and to our patients. Thank you very much for your ideas, implementations and patience/calmness you bring to all of us”

R.Lauck, J. Corley